LSTTL level. Power requirements +12 V, +5 V, -12 V. 2U
unsupported card. Parent equipment MN6M/513. DD 1983.
DDMI 9.329(85). DDHB 9.207(85).
UN160547 UN16/547 Picture Monitors SIS Sync Separator. For modifying
'Ikegami' 5~ inch picture monitor, type PM-550 to operate
on sound-in-syncs video. Power requirements +12V, 110mA.
132 x 104mm. DD 1984. HB V.1002(86).
UN160548 UN16/548 Digital TRS Decoder and Dimultiplexer. This unit
demultiplexes the luminance and colour-difference signals
(YUV) and decodes the Timing Reference Signal (TRS) from a
received 8-bit word parallel digital video and clock signal
at 27M words/s as defined in the 'EBU Parallel Interface
for 625-Line Digital Video Signal'. The digital luminance
signal is clocked out at 13.5MHz and the colour difference
signals at 6.75MHz, both in 8-bit word parallel form. Line
blanking field blanking, mixed blanking and odd/even field
information is extracted from the decoded TRS signal.
Power requirements +5.0V 1.5A, -5.2V 800mA. Unsupported 4U
card with 112 pole edge connector and PN1/29J front panel
to fit BMM chassis. DD 1984. DDMI 1.264(85). DDHB
1.191(84). EDI 10515(1) JUN 85.
UN160549 UN16/549 SIS Dual Sync. Separator. For use with picture monitors to
enable operation with SIS video. The video input is high
impedance. A single output of mixed syncs. at 2 V in 75 Q
is provided from each of the two separators.
requirements +15 V -15 V at 200 mA. 3U unsupported card.
Parent equipment UN16L/550A-C. DD 1984. DDMI 9.334(85).
DDHB 9.212(85).
UN160550 UN16L/550A-C Multiple SIS Sync. Separator. Enables the operation of a
number of picture monitors with SIS video. Up to 2, 4, or
6 UN16/549 dual separators can be fitted to suffixes
A to C. The power supplier for use with this assembly is
the PS3/73. Power requirements 240 Vac. 3U, B,C, or D
widths. Sub-units PS3/73, UN16/549. DD 1984.
UN16M/550A-D Multiple SIS Sync Separator. For use with 19" racks of
miniature picture monitors to enable operation with SIS
video. Contains 1 to 4 sync separator boards, UN16/549
according to code A to D. Power requirements 240 V ac.
Sub-units UN16/549. DD 1984.
UN160551 UN16/551 S.LS. Sync Separator. Input is 1 V pk-pk video, 75 Q or
HI-Z. Output is 300 mV black level and syncs into 75 Q.
Power requirements :1:12 V dc. 4U unsupported card. DD
1984. DDMI 9.331(85).
UN160552 UN16/552 Sync Separator Unit. This unit is a sync separator
intended as a direct plug-in replacement for the SIS sync
separators, fitted in either the PYE SIS Coder LOM1801 or
PYE SIS Decoder LDM1803. The unit has been designed for
use when an improved performance with poor quali ty video
signals is required. This unit replaces the UN16/542.
Power requirements +12 V, -12 V, +5 V. 231 mm x 111.5 mm
pcb fitted with ISEP 25-way connector. Supersedes PYE Sync
Separator (C3) 625 3913 446 50290, PYE Sync Separator (D4)
625 3913 446 72000. Parent equipment PYE SIS Coder LDM1R01
PYE SIS Decoder LDM1803. DD 1985.