UNZ10043 UNZ1/43
UNZ10044 UNZ1M/44
UNZ10045 UNZ1/45
UNZ10046 UNZ1/46
UNZ10047 UNZ1/47
UNZ10048 UNZ1/48
UNZ10049 UNZ1/49
UNZ10050 UNZ1/50
UNZ10051 UNZ1/51
UNZ1005Z UNZ1/5Z
UNZ10053 UNZ1/53
Relay Unit. 2U card with 2 x 6 pole c/o realys mounted.
All contacts available. 2U unsupported boards. Parent
equipment UN23M/109. SCPD 1978.
Tape Transport Relay Unit. Controls the a.c. supplies to
the motors in the RD4/12 tape reclamation transport.
Consists of solid state relays and 3 sub-units. Power
requirements 3 x 120V a.c. 1 x 24V a.c. Custom built
metalwork. Parent equipment RD4/12. Sub-units 2 x AMI/55
and UN23/125. DD 1979. DDMI 7.429(80).
Muting Unit. The unit contains two reed relays which mute
the audio channels of an RD4/9 or RD4/9A when modified for
use with Timecode Synchronisers. Power requirements -24V.
Printed circuit board 60mm x 30mm. DD 1979.
Relay and Isolator Unit. Bypasses Compressor/Limiter and
provides logic buffering in EPZM/7C. Power requirements
+5V, +8V obtained from PS2/194A within EPZM/7. CH1/65A.
Parent equipment EP2M/7C. SCPD 1980.
Relay Unit. PCB with 3 relays each with coil and four
change-overs brought out to edge connector which mates with
"Hytip" connector. Power requirements 24V d.c. pcb to fit
3U BMM panel. SCPD 1981.
Relay Uni t . Eddys tone
remotely, DEL (PO line)
vechicles. SCPD 1981.
box housing a relay to switch,
into EMX system as used in OB
Relay Unit. Contains 32 relays, powered from +5V, each
having a separate coil connection to the rear connector.
Similarly a contact on each relay is taken to a rear
connector pin and the contact common connections are
grouped in four sets of eight, wired to four rear connector
pins. Power requirements +5V. CH1/64J. DD 1981.
Telegraph Line Relay Unit.
from TTL or RS 252 input.
4U size chassis + covers.
To provide 80-0-80v line drive
Power requirements mains. BMM
DD 1982.
Capstan Control Relay Unit. Capstan frequency control in
M/C; unit consists of change over relay. Power
requirements 1ZV. 30 x 20mm. Parent equipment Studer
A800. DD 1982. DDMI 7.504(82).
Relay Unit. This unit is fitted with 16 122V relays each
driven from an open collector NAND gate. Indication of the
relay in use is given by a red LED on the front panel.
Power requirements +12V and +5V d.c. 4U unsupported PCB
with PN1/29J front panel assembly.
Parent equipment
RC1M/28. DD 198Z.
Relay Unit. First developed for Outside Broadcast
communications in television. The unit contains eight
transistor assisted relays with operating input circuits
which provide SV of noise immuni ty. Each relay has two
sets of change over contacts. Power requirements :t16V
SOmA. 100mm x 220mm Eurocard. Mounted on 0.6" width front