UN210054 UN21/54
UN210055 UN21/55
UN210056 UN21/56
UN210058 UN21/58
UN210059 UN21/59
UN210060 UN21/60
UN210061 UN21/61
UN021062 UN21/62
UN230015 UN23/15A
panel for 3U high
Supersedes UN21/39.
racking with 96 way Euro-connector.
SCPD 1983.
UHF Filter Relay Unit. The unit contains
will select either of the two UHF input
frequency changeover in the RC4M/8B
Connections are made by 5MB flying
requirements +12V d.c. pcb 100mm x 40mm.
RC4M/8B. DD 1983. DDMI 5.428(83).
two relays which
filters to allow
type receiver.
leads. Power
Parent equipment
Relay Unit. Used to switch the outputs of VHF
quali ty moni toring receivers remotely via relays.
requirements +5V DC 250mA. 4u unsupported PN1/29J.
equipment EP15M/9. EP15M/10 (MIC). DD 1983.
Outgoing Relay Unit. Provides 12 TTL driven relay circuits
with contacts rated at 0.5 Amp. Drawing SP.30446. Power
requirements 7.5 V d~. PCB 111.76 x 254. SCPD 1983.
Synthesiser Interface Relay Unit. Contains relays to
control of a Marconi sender and revertive input lines.
Power requirements +5 V. Diecast box. 93.7 mm x 119.1 mm x
52.4 mm. Parent equipment PA1/130. DD 1984.
Relay Unit. Contains 16 relays for driving on-air cues and
external equipmet associated with the EP1M/519 TK-PPA
mixer. Located in the EP1M/152 Analogue Interface unit.
requirements +5
equipment EP1M/38A. DD 1984.
Telephone Select Unit. Relay Unit. Transistor-driven
interface relay unit for use in Telephone Effects Unit
UN4/10. The unit interfaces any standard approved British
Telecom telephone instrument with a ring/tone effects
generator. The unit consists of a select/de-select key.
and LED indicators for 'selected'. 'ringing' and 'engaged'
(handset lifted). Power requirements +24 V and 25 V
regulated. Non-BBC. H 114 x D 203 x W 50 mm (3U). Parent
equipment UN4/10. Communications and Engineering Services
Relay Unit. 8 x 4 changeover relays. identical to that
design covered by S.C.P.D Drawing SP31846. but fitted on a
longer P.C.B.
Power requirements +24 V.
3 U Eurocard
(100 mm x 220 mm) Parent equipment UN23S/l75A & B. SCPD
(TBSS) 1985.
P.A. Relay Unit. A Panel with Relays and Tag Block that
switches (on demand) control lines and audio pairs through
to P.A. as an extended or remote control/monitoring
facility. BBC chassis 2U x 19". TCPD 1986.
Clock Generator Unit. Similar to UN23/l5 but with
additional circuits to enable unit to be used with P .C.M.
coder monitor. IMHOF CDX. Parent equipment BA1/4. DD