92 -
PAS/27Ct 3 PAS/2SA, PAS/29A, PAS/30A, PAS/30C, PAS/31A,
PAS/32A, PAS/33A, PAS/34A, PAS/35A, PAS/45A, PAS/111A,
DK2A/1 (Mixing Unit), UN10/3. First used Broadcasting
When modified for stereo working
comprises CT3/2 with PAS/251A, PAS/252A, PAS/252B,
PAS/252C, PAS/253A, PAS/254A, PAS/255A, PAS/256A,
PAS/257A, PAS/25SA, PAS/259A, PAS/27C, PAS/30A, PAS/30C,
PAS/33A, PAS/45A, Clean Feed Unit, 2 UN10/3, AM1/4S.
DD 1957/63. DD Spec 3.443. OBSOLESCENT.
Continuity Announcer's Desk used with DKZ/4, BA2/2,
BA9/13, BA9/14. Special wooden carcase mounting two
turntable units and associated apparatus as used in RP2/1
with PAS/37A, PAS/40A, PAS/41A, PAS/43, PAS/44, PAS/S7A, 2
DK2A/2 (Mounting Unit), DK2A/3 (Combining Unit).
Broadcasting Rouse Extension. For stereo working UN11/1
is included. DD 1957/63. DD Spec 3.443. OBSOLESCENT.
3 Channel Control Position Desk. Installed in cubicle
alongside desk for "traffic" control position. Comprises
CT/49 with Panel 245A, PAS/27A, PAS/27D, PAS/2SA, PAS/45B,
PAS/52A, PAS/53A, PAS/54A, PAS/55A, PAS/56A, UN10/3. Used
with BA2/3 and BA9/15. Broadcasting Rouse Extension.
DD 1957/63. DD Spec 3.209. OBSOLESCENT.
Used with DKZ/9 as multi-control position in Bush Rouse to
replace 4 of existing network control positions
(continuities) by one common position. Part of EP10/12.
Comprises CT/49 with 4 Panels 231, 243D, 246A, 3 240,
PAS/163A, PAS/165A, PAS/166A. DD 1957/63. DD Spec 3.370.
Used with DK2/S. Comprises CT49 with 3 Panels 240, 2 231,
PAS/161A, 3 PAS/162A, 3 PAS/164A, 3 PAS/167A, TLU4.
DD 1957/63. DD Spec 3.370. OBSOLESCENT.
Continuity Announcer's Desk. Part of EP10/13. Resembles
DK2/5 but has facilities required at integrated Regional
Studio Centres. Associated with BA9/29, DKZ/11 and
DK2/12. Comprises special wooden desk mounting PAS/40A,
PAS/43, PAS/44, PAS/195A, PAS/196A, PAS/210A, 2 x RP2A/2,
2 x DK2A/2 (Muting Unit) and distribution unit with UN10/7
and AMS/S. DD 1964. DD Spec 3.401. OBSOLESCENT.
Continuity Cubicle Desk. Part of EP10/13. Used at
regional studio centres with integrated radio and
television facilities and works with the continuity studio
on either side. Ras 5 channels giving access to 100
sources and a sixth normally fed with basic programme.
Comprises CT3/2 with PA6/32, PA6/33, PA6/34, PA6/35,
PA8/197A, PA8/19SA, PA8/211A, UN10/7 and two source
switching panels and clean feed unit. DD 1964.
Continuity Control Position Desk. Part of EP10/13. Used
with BA9/31 at integrated radio and television regional
studio centres to control 3 channels with access to 100
sources. Incorporated with main desk in the Operations