- 94 -
SCRE's Desk at Bush House. Accommodates in CT/49 Cabinet
controls for visual and aural monitoring on sources and
other selected points, intercommunications with control
positions and control room telephone facilities to
sources, etc. DD 1956. DD Spec 3.139. OBSOLESCENT.
Source/Route Selection Desk. Maximum capacity is 24
circuits accommodated on 12 panels PA8/9A. Each circuit
can be controlled by Master Key on Mounting and Continuity
Desk DK2/2. Cabinet CT/49. First used Glasgow. DD 1957.
DD Spec 3.157. OBSOLETE.
Selection and EMX Position Desk. Provides selection and
indication for 8 source/route selector circuits on 4
Panels PA8/9A. Each circuit is controllable by Master
Key, on DK2/2. EMX facilities provided for maximum of 80
subscribers and 6 tie circuits on 2 Panels PA8/l0A,
PA8/10B and 2 Panels PAS/11A. Also accommodates part of
monitoring facilities used with adjacent desk DK2/2.
Cabinet CT/49. First used Glasgow with BA9/l and PA9/2.
DD 1957. DD Spec 3.154. OBSOLETE.
Desk Control Position, Control facilities for two
programmes which are switched and one fed direct such as
"Basic Home". Includes CT/49 with PA8/9B, PAS/14B,
PA8/17A, PA8/1SA, Panels 231, 245A, 247C, 24SD and TLU/4.
First used Glasgow with BA4/2. DD 1957. DD Spec 3.155.
Television Sound OB Desk used with DK3/l5 for selection
and indication of 60 100 outlet source selector circuits,
50 EMX subscribers, programme monitoring for 135 twin
monitor points, vision monitoring for 23 points, control
line monitoring for 48 points, intercom. Comprises CT/49
with 2 IN1/2, JF2/1, PN3/4 (with ASN/4, FHP/3A) TS/lO,
ATM/1, AT/30, 2 panels no. 234A, PAS/113A, PA8/ll3B.
Broadcasting House Extension. DD 1955. DD Spec 3.354.
Sound OB Desk used with DK3/l4 for selection and
indication of one 50 outlet source/route selector circuit,
50 EMX subscribers, programme monitoring for 45 twin
monitoring points, intercom for 15 points. Comprises
CT/49 with UN10/3, 3 panels 240, 233C, 243C, 246C, 3 231,
PAS/1lA, PAS/llB, PA8/26A, PA8/36A, PA8/49A, PAS/5lB.
Broadcasting House Extension. DD 1955. DD Spec 3.194.
Control and Monitor (C/M) Desk for two source/route
channels. Comprises CT/49 with 3 panels 240, PAS/27E,
PAS/27F, PA8/57A, PAS/58A, PAS/59A, PA8/60A, PA8/6lA,
PA8/62A, 2 PAS/63A, PA8/64A, PAS/65A, 2 UN10/3.
Broadcasting House Extension. DD 1958. DD Spec 3.221.
S.B. Desk used with DK3/10, DK3/ll, DK3/l2, DK3/13 to form