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Modified DK4/5 for integrated sound and television
facilities. Part of EP5/5A. DD 1963. WITHDRAWN.
Part of EP5/5B. Similar to DK4/5 but with reduced
facilities and modified telephone and signalling circuits
for use in new regional premises. Provides control of S
microphone channels (9 ultimate), 2 reproducing channels
(tape and gramophone), and 1 independent channel.
Includes CT3/6A, CT3/6B, CT3/6C, JF/113, PAS/127A, 3
PAS/134, PAS/136B, PA8/l37, PA8/207A, PAS/142B, PA8/l42C,
PA8/l76A, PAS/177A, PA8/l78, 2 PN3/23A, 3 PN3/25, 2 PN/3l,
PN3/32, PN3/33, 5 PN5/l, PA17/ll0, PA17/ll7, 2 UNl/22A, 2
UNlO/7, 4 AMl/4, 6 AM7/3, 22 AM9/5, ME12/4, 2 EU/lA,
FLl/13. DD 1964. DD Spec 3.367. OBSOLESCENT.
Talks Desk, part of EP5/6. Provides mixing of 8 channels
for sound only premises. Includes CT3/7 and CT3/6C with
PA8/l32A, PA8/l33A, 3 PA8/l34, PA8/135A, PA8/l36A, 3
PAS/137, PA8/l39A, 2 PA8/l40, PAS/147A, PA8/l54A,
PA17/109, PA17/ll0, PA17/lll or PA17/lllA, PA17/ll2,
PA17/ll3, PA17/ll4 or PA17/ll4A, PAl/33, 2 PN3/23A, 2
PN3/29, 2 CHl/2l, 2 AMl/4, 5 AM7/3, 3 AM7/5, 17 AM9/5,
ME12/4, ME12/5, FLl/13, ST3/l. DD 1962. DD Spec 3.335.
Similar to DK4/6 but for use in integrated sound and
television premises. Differs only in respect of
telephones and signalling circuits. Includes CT3/7 and
CT3/6C with PA8/127A, PAS/128A, PA8/l29A, PA8/130A,
PAS/13lA, PAS/132A, PA8/133A, PAS,134, PA8/l35A, PA8/136B,
4 PA8/l37, 2 PA8/l40, PAS/147A, PA8/l54A, PAS/156A,
PA17/ll0, PA17/lll or PA17/lllA, PA17/ll3, PA17/ll4 or
PA17/ll4A, PA17/ll5 or PA17/ll5A, PA17/ll6, PA17/ll7,
PAl/33, 2 PN3/23A, 2 PN3/29, 2 CHl/2l, 2 AMl/4, 5 AM7/3, 3
AM7/5, 17 AM9/5, ME12/5, FLl/13, ST3/l, PAl/36, PA8/l7lA.
DD 1963. DD Spec 3.335. OBSOLESCENT.
Simplified version of DK4/6A for use in regional
integrated television and sound premises as part of the
Type C Mark lB equipment (EP5/6B). Provides mixing of 6
channels. Provision for adding omitted facilities.
Includes CT3/7 and CT3/6C with PAS/127A, PA8/209A,
PAS/130B, PA8/l3lB, PAS/132B, PA8/l33B, 3 PA8/l34,
PA8/l35A, 1 or 2 PA8/l36B, 4 or 5 PA8/l37, 2 PA8/l40,
PA8/l47A, PA8/l56A, PA8/l58B, PA17/ll0, PA17/ll3A,
PA17/1l4B or PA17/ll4C, PA17/ll5 or PA17/ll5A, 1 or 2
PA17/ll6, PA17/ll7, PAl/33, 2 PN3/23A, 2 PN3/29, 2 CHl/2l,
2 AMl/4, 3 AM7/3, 3 AM7/5, 12 AM9/5, ME12/4, FLl/13,
UNlO/17. DD 1963. DD Spec 3.375. OBSOLESCENT.
Mixer Desk used in integrated television and sound
regional premises. Basically similar to DK5/6B but mixes
10 channels, 4 of which have clean feeds. Part of EP5/6C.
Includes CT3/6C, CT3/7, PA8/l27A, PAS/132B, PA8/l34,
PA8/l35B, 4 PA8/l36C, 2 PA8/l37, PA8/l40, PAS/147A,
PA8/l56A, PAS/158C, PAS/lS9A, PAS/190A, PAS/19lA,