- 215 -
Pulsed Oscillator used to supply trains of clock pulses to
drive high speed rings in Line Store Standards Converters.
Suffix A indicates operation at llMHz, and suffix B at
17MHz. Supersedes OSl/501A, OSl/501B. CH1/12A, pegs 14,
40. DD 1967. DD Spec 7.133. ACO. OBSOLESCENT.
Pulsed Oscillator used to supply trains of clock pulses to
drive high speed rings in Field Store Standards
Converters. A = 11MHz, B = 9MHz. CH1/12A, pegs 14, 40.
DD 1967. DD Spec 7.147. ACO. OBSOLESCENT.
Sync Locked Oscillator which accepts an input of 525 line
mixed syncs and gives two outputs of NTSC colour
subcarrier. Input frequency can be either l5750Hz or
l5735Hz and thus suitable for use with a Field Store
Converter. Compatible with OSl/502A and has same index
pegs. CH1/12A. DD 1967/68. WITHDRAWN.
Line Locked Oscillator
567/2 times an input
controlled by UN15/502.
used in C02L/539. Operates at
line frequency signal and is
CH1/l2A. DD 1967/68. WITHDRAWN.
Burst Locked Oscillator similar to and compatible with
051/502 but output can be remotely switched. A = NTSC
frequency 3.579545MHz; B = NTSC frequency 3.58312MHz; C =
PAL frequency 4.433619MHz; D = 4.42919MHz. CH1/12A.
DD 1967/68. WITHDRAWN.
Line Ripple Oscillator producing low frequency sine wave
signals for line ripple effects in association with, and
powered by, GE2/569. Nominal frequencies 50Hz, 100Hz,
250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, remotely selected and with remote fine
controls. CH1/43, pegs 1, 2, 7. DD 1968. DD Spec 8.340.
Burst Locked Oscillator used in studios, etc., where PAL
subcarrier regeneration or locking is required. Upgraded
version of OSl/502. Used with UN1/540 to provide 2
subcarrier outputs of 2V into 75~ locked in phase with the
burst of sub carrier of the incoming composite signal.
CH1f12A, pegs 9, 25. DD 1968. DD Spec 10.41. DDHB 9.96,
Locked Oscillator, based on OSl/502, capable of being
locked to an applied sinewave. Two 75~ and one high
impedance outputs at standard level. CH1/12A, pegs 9, 25.
DD 1968. DD Spec 8.319. DDTM 8.264. OBSOLESCENT.
3 Tone Oscillator, 8-l00MHz, used to generate a 3 tone
signal in the range 8-l00MHz with switching for each tone
independently. Three OS2/19B mounted in CH1/27. DD 1968.
Twice Line Frequency Locked Oscillator, used in MN2L/521
to drive GE6L/507. CH1/43, pegs 1, 4, 10. DD 1971.
DD Spec 11.141. OBSOLESCENT.