- 245 -
studs instead of fixed holes. SCPD 1970. OBSOLESCENT.
Similar to PA6/515A but with the correction IN and OUT
switch replaced by a correction OUT, BYPASS, and IN as for
PA6/520 but with panel engraving remaining in vertical
sense. SCPD 1970. OBSOLESCENT.
Cinte1 Colour Caption Test Control Panel for control of
test signals to the Cinte1 Colour Caption Scanner. 483mm
x 44mm panel. 1967. WITHDRAWN.
Colour Montior Control Panel used with the Cinte1 Colour
Caption Scanner for selection of sources to monitor.
483mm x 44mm panel. 1967. WITHDRAWN.
Te1ecine Control Panel used with EP6/501 when modified for
colour. Provides 'Stop', 'Start', 'Inch', 'Reverse', and
'Unlock' facilities on both sides of the projector unit,
together with safety switches, with film racking key on
one side. Box l30mm square by 305mm long for mounting on
CA1/506. DD 1968. DD Spec 7.144. OBSOLESCENT.
Transcoder Control Panel used in C06/505 to provide
alignment and operational controls. Switch positions
allow the transcoder to be operated at a remote point.
83mm panel with 7 keys, 1 potentiometer, and coaxial input
connections. 1968/70. DD Spec 11.63. WITHDRAWN.
TARIF Control Panel identical with PA6/515 except
engraving tuned through 900 to permit horizontal mounting,
and central key changed from 2 to 3 position to provide
"by passed" facility. Used in Television Centre Spur
telecine area. 1968/70. WITHDRAWN.
Te1ecine Control Panel for local control when EP6/505 is
remotely operated. 3 sub-panels on 483mm x 178mm frame.
1968/70. WITHDRAWN.
Automatic Mixer Control Panel containing 12 PAll/SOl and
switches for controlling EP5/509. 533mm x 533mm.
1968/70. WITHDRAWN.
Transmitter Control Panel used on BAl3/513 for automatic
control of unattended UHF television transmitters.
CH1/29. 1968/70. WITHDRAWN.
Studio Mixer Overlay Control Panel used with EP5/502
series to provide control of colour separation overlay and
black edged captions. Chassis 203mm x 229mm. 1968/70.
Television Mixer Control Panel, 10 Channel, (5 Sync +5
non-sync), with CSO on 3 channels. Used in MX1/502C.
508mm x 330mm panel. 1968/70. WITHDRAWN.
As PA6/525 but for 6 sync +4 non-sync channels. 1968/70.