early in the year and has served since then to indicate specific
solutions to particular design problems associated with microprocessors.
Assistance to Engineers
The bulk of work in Computer Aided Design has continued to be in the
field of network design and analysis. This service occasionally extends
Desk Top
Programmable Calculator has continued to serve as the main tool for this
Computer Facilities
New hardware for Computer Aided Design has been assessed and reported
on. The use of microprocessors and minicomputers in designs has led to
investigations into programming and maintenance problems.
Mechanical Applications
Despite his preoccupation with two major projects, BMM and disk
reproducers, the Mechanical Applications Engineer has been involved in
customary matters such as environmental testing, mechanical modification
of commercial equipment and advice to design engineers.
The BMM chassis system is approaching completion. Though a range of
termination panels and front covers has been designed, the emphasis has
been on finalisation. The BMM guide has been rewritten and will shortly
be issued. Both advice and active help were given to deal with
manufacturing problems of quality control and supply of BMM parts.
The second major project has been responsibility for the mechanical
design of the new disk reproducers covering the pick-up arm, its
raise-lower cueing mechanism and the turntable housing. A novel
suspension for this unit was designed. This provides isolation from
extraneous mechanical shock for the pick-up; the very high-torque motor
made this an unusual problem, now successfully solved.
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