data for this operation is now stored on a magnetic floppy disk rather
than the paper t ape of the original system.
Floppy Disk Data Store for Tarif Pre-programmer
A special unit was designed to store the data required for the third
Tarif pre-programmer but it can also be used as a general purpose data
It uses soft-sectored floppy magnetic disks in a disk drive
commercial manufacture.
Floppy Disk Store for Anchor
A number of units based upon a similar commercial disk drive but using
hard-sectoring techniques has been manufactured by the Department for
use by the Television Service and they provide reliable caption storage
and editing using the original BBC Anchor character generator. The
electronic buffer store necessary to interface the disk store and the
character generator has been extended so that control instructions can
be stored along with the caption contents and format.
Three-machine Videotape Editing
Towards the end of last year it became clear that a new three-machine
videotape editing suite would be necessary to help carry the load of the
editing equipment should be installed in the new suite. The project was
completed in ten months and the equipment is now being installed at
Television Centre together with the videotape machines.
The new design of electronic equipment intended to replace the existing
colour correctors has been completed and is due for bulk manufacture in
1978. The corrector gives a wide range of basic facilities which can be
further exploited according to the requirements of the installation.
Telecine Machine Tarif
Special colour correctors designed by this Section for use with negative
film are being integrated into a small number of telecine machines.
Studio Timer
A stopwatch and timer unit has been developed in consultation with the
production secretaries of the Television Service, so that they can time
the various elements of a programme easily and note significant events
for editing purposes using the VTR timecode. The units were in the
middle of a successful field trial when they were stolen. New units
have been constructed very quickly in view of the user's enthusiasm.
Mains Safety Testers
Work continued on the provision of mains testers which can be operated
by non-technical personnel so that safety of electronic equipment
brought into the studios by performers can be assessed. A commercial
design has been appraised and modified in collaboration with the
manufacturers so that equipment is tested adequately but not damaged.
The BBC has ordered over one hundred of these testers.
- 15 -