Colour Mobile Control Room. Two pre-production prototypes have been
manufactured and will be installed in CMCRts 19 and 20 by SCPD
engineers. This facility was omitted from the original design on the
ground8 of cost but has since proved essential.
Mixer Changeover Facility: Discussions between Studio Capital Projects
Department and London Outside Broadcast staff have revealed a need
remotely to control half of the vision mixer from the control panel of a
in tandem this affective1y
doubles the number of independant channels available to the second
vehicle. In addition to the basic design, the Section has provided a
spare model for use by Studio Capital Projects Department.
The Studio Vision Mixer
Routine liaison with user departments concerning improved facilities has
continued this
This has resulted in the design of new CSO logic
circuitry for use in the London TC1 Studio, plus an interface unit to
enable the basic mixer to work in an independant bank mode. This latter
facility, permitting 16 channel operation, will be used on the mixer to
be fitted in the London TC7 Studio.
Automatic Network Control Mixer
Detailed inter-departmental discussions have continued concerning the
introduction into service in 1978 of an automatic network control mixer.
In the early part of this year it became clear that is was extremely
difficult to assess the desirable manual modes of operation of this
device, without some form of working model. As a result, the Section
constructed a full sized mock-up of both the Network and Continuity
somewhat ramshackle equipment was delivered
April, and underwent several months of assessment by Television Network
engineers and Presentation Staff.
The Appraisal of Commercial Equipment : Picture Monitors
Colour picture monitor appraisals that have continued this year on a
Melford DU2 Colour monitor,
second source for general BBC use, was successfully introduced into
service in TC6 after some initial teething problems. Close liaison has
been maintained with various firms in an attempt to find a small Grade 1
high definition colour monitor for OB use. Consideration has continued
of the possible problems that may arise as a result of the use of
Precision-in-Line tubes in professional monitors.
In the course of the year the following reports have been
Me1ford Electronics Colour Picture Monitor type DU2-22Cj Bosh
Colour Picture Monitor type MC37BAj Prowest Electronics Colour
Monitor type PMC17/9A Mark 11.
Fe rnseh
The Appraisal of Commercial Equipment : PAL Decoders
The problems revealed in certain commercial units by the work undertaken
in 1976 have been overcome by close consultation with the manufacturer
concerned. An appraisal of the Link Electronics type 233 PAL decoder
was undertaken, and a test report issued.
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