The past year has confirmed the continuing change in the activities of
the section as demands for the acquisition, storage, processing and
display of information have expanded. The alpha-numeric keyboard and
visual display are fast becoming a standard means of communication
between operator and equipment while the potential of the microprocessor
and semi-conductor store for the manipulation of data and control of
complex installations is now becoming clear. These two advances are
having their effect upon design testing and maintenance. Current
projects are being carefully studied in order to reveal and solve the
new problems associated with these technologies.
In November 1975 a prototype Monitoring and Information Centre was
installed at Kirk O'Shotts. Since then it has been used as a fully
operational centre and as a source of experience on which to base the
final design of the four centres needed to complete the U.K. MIC
network. The major changes from the original installation will improve
the information handling
capabilities and overall
flexibility; the remainder are
concerned with technical
improvements. It is worth noting
that the successful development of
the overall M.I.C. concept has
involved the section in a large
element of system planning down to a
detailed technical level; this has
co-operation from T.C.P.D. and
Transmitter Group.
The Kirk O'Shotts M.I.C. will also
be used for a field trial of the new
Apology Caption equipment which has
been developed during the year. In
the event of a fault in a particular
area, upon command from the M.I.C.
operator an apology caption can be
superimposed on pictures radiated in
also be used for giving local
Apology Caption
the effected area. The system will
information during Trade Test
Almost all BBC transmitters are normally unattended and the use of
automatic fault reporting equipment and, automatic monitoring and
control equipment is essential. Several years of work have gone into
producing a large number of units to meet the majority of our
requirements but programme and technical developments continue and new
and updated designs are needed to keep in step.
One project using microprocessors has been completed and three
are in progress:- Master clock for M.I.C. (completed); BENNFAX
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