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system; Adaptive data coder and decoder; M.I.C. collator.
Half the engineers and one laboratory technician are working on the
development of software for microprocessors and many problems such as
the choice of programming language, the assembly and editing of
programmes, documentation etc. are being resolved.
37 engineers from overseas organisations with interests in automation
and monitoring have visited the Section during the past year. Some
visits have been at the request of British manufacturers who are
marketing our designs. The Marconi adaption of the television automatic
monitor has been sold worldwide and has been chosen by the Russian
Television Service for monitoring the numerous networks involved during
the next Olympic Games in Moscow. The Video Automatic Equaliser, now
manufactured by Matthey Printed Products, has been modified to meet an
EBU Specification and will be used for automatic correction of the
Eurovision network.
Automatic Fault Reporters
Work on a smaller and cheaper device (MINIFRED) has been completed and
an initial batch of 18 manufactured and installed. A comprehensive
test-jig was produced and has reduced considerably the amount of time
taken in testing the units. A further order for 90 units has now been
placed on Equipment Department.
Automatic Data Acquisition
Data from automatic fault reporters has to be available at some stations
other than M.I.C.'s. For these a standard data decoder with numeric
display, printed read-out and control facilities has been designed. It
is also capable of interrogating a distant transmitter and receiving
insertion test signal data.
Monitoring and Information Centres
Experience with the centre at Kirk O'Shotts has shown a need for
expanded faci1ties and some technical changes, these include the
provision of a collator for improving the presentation of information
needed by local managers and a floppy-disk store which will allow
station reference data to be shown on the monitoring centre visual
display. The second M.I.C. is being installed at Wenvoe and will become
operational early in 1978.
Transmitter Control and Indication Equipment
Fully automatic unattended transmitters need new solid-state control and
indication panels (CIP). A new design using a 'scanned array' mimic
diagram has been developed and a prototype has been fitted to the VHF/FM
transmitters at Wenvoe for evaluation.
Automatic Monitoring Systems
In certain situations these monitoring systems can perform incorrectly.
The diagnosis of each particular problem and the provision of a solution
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