standard on commercial
oscilloscopes. No suitable
instrument is available commercially
so to meet this need a standard
commercial oscilloscope has been
specialised television facilities
harmoniously with the general
facilities. The modified instrument
is shown in the illustration. It is
expected that the manufacturer will
market the modified model so that
both British industry and other
broadcasters will benefit from the
Modified OsciZZoscope
Colour Picture Desaturation Equipment
To produce special effects in drama productions, television studios have
a need for a device which will produce a controllable amount of
desaturation of a colour picture. An important requirement is that the
desaturation takes place with the minimum disturbance to the quality of
the signal luminance. The design of this device has been completed.
Routine Line Test Equipment
The development of PCY has radically changed the arrangements for the
National distribution of Radio programmes and also the requirements for
the rountine testing of the networks. The changed testing requirements
include the need for a simple test signal generator for use on local
links between Transmitter and terminals of the PCY system. A test
generator which will continuously repeat a sequence of test signals has
been completed. The prototype model is currently undergoing field
ENG Line Up Generator
The current experiment with electronic news gathering has created a need
for a remotely controlled generator to provide both video and audio test
signals. The design and construction of the experimental generator has
been completed.
Measurement of the Long-term Mean_Power of_Audio Signals
To control interference between communications channels the Post Office
have placed restrictions on the long term mean power level of audio
signals carried over their network. Two experimental meters have been
designed and manufactured to enable Communications Department engineers
to measure the long term mean power of audio signals to check that we
meet the Post Office limits in this respect.
525 Line Colour Bar Generator
The Corporation sells a number of video t ape recordings to overseas TV
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