The Radio Frequency Section has had a busy year in which the outstanding
feature has been the design of new ranges of sound equipment both for
the contribution and the distribution chains. In the television field
the work has been mainly that of consolidation.
A local radio requirement for a transmitter/receiver link in the UHF
band has been fulfilled and the design expanded to meet similar needs in
Communications Department
designs make extensive use of integrated circuits for a variety of
purposes; it is indeed only of late that the frequency range of such
circuits has extended to the point where they can be used in high
frequency systems.
The frequency modulator from the UHF radio link development is also used
in a new range of Band 11, VHF radio equipment. When this development
is complete it will provide a range of transmitter drives, power
amplifiers, receivers and transposers. A test receiver has already been
developed for use by Mobile Maintenance teams. Its frequency can be set
by front panel controls precisely to the wanted transmitter frequency
and its measurement capabilities permit transmitter performance to be
measured with confidence. Allied to this has been the development of a
fixed frequency receiver intended for use in all re-broadcast and
critical monitoring applications.
Band II Monitoring Reaeivel' fol'
Measuring Transmi.tter Performanae
development of the new VHF transmitter drive is well in hand; it
offer unprecedented stability and performance and should set a
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