Outside Contracts
The number of units sub-contracted was slightly greater than last year.
Many were made using the minimum of manufacturing information in order
to reduce the period between design preparation and useable hardware;
units for the Monitoring Information Centres (M.I.C.s) were produced in
this way.
Many mechanical parts for the B.M.M. chassis system have now become
Central Stores Stock items but a variety of newly-designed ancillary
parts were made by contractors for stock in Designs Department Stores.
Sets of parts for the RP2/9 pick-up assembly were manufactured by
contractors and assembled by the Model Shop.
The Drawing Office produces full manufacturing drawings for all
equipment designed within the Department. 1977 was again a busy year
for the Drawing Office with the demand for all its services running at a
high level. It was involved to a high degree in the production of 160
sets of full manufacturing information.
Publication of the various other technical documentation kept the
registry busy and during the year 100 Handbooks, Technical Memoranda or
Test Reports were issued which accounted in some part for a demand in
excess of 100,000 prints. 450 equipment codes were issued to
Engineering Division and approximately 400 change forms were processed.
In June the Design Modification Sheet system was originated and about 40
of these were processed.
The New Drowing Office Ppint Machine
During the year some Drawing Office equipment was renewed, the dye-line
print machine being replaced in June and each draughting station
- 42 -