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The Liaison Engineer is a
Modifications Committees and
spent assisting Operational
arising from the use of both
member of both the Radio and Television
a significant amount of effort has been
and Maintenance Departments with problems
old and new Designs Department equipment.
External Liaison
During the year 25 external editions of BBC ENGINEERING DESIGN
INFORMATION sheets were published and distributed to a mailing list of
Broadcasting Organisations, Manufacturers and the technical Press, both
in the U.K. and Overseas. A large number of external "EDI's" were sent
out in response to individual requests for information. One noticable
increase is the number of letters and telephone enquiries received for
technical information, especially from members of the public regarding
commercially exploited BBC Loudspeakers.
An exhibition stand was taken at the Video Tradex '77 Exhibition and
Conference held at the Heathrow Hotel, London Airport, in order to
publicise BBC designs and licensing policy. A range of new equipment
suitable for commercial exploitation by Manufacturing Licence Agreements
was demonstrated on the stand. This was the first time that Engineering
Division have taken a stand at an exhibition solely to promote the
commercial exploitation of BBC Engineering designs and it proved a great
success. A special booklet was produced by the Liaison Unit and over
400 written enquiries were received during the week following the
Designs Department Stand at Video Tradex '?? Exhibition
A number of licencing negotiations are already
of the "Video Tradex '77 Exhibition" and
Technical Memoranda are being written by the
analysing the results of the Exhibition and
Manufacturing Licence Agreement System.
taking place as a result
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Liaison Engineer, one
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