Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
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Transmitter Projects

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Transmitter Capital Projects Department, as the name implies, was responsible for the major capital expenditure needed to develop the BBC's transmitter infrastructure.  This included detailed (hands on) engineering development, commissioning work from other BBC departments and placing contracts with commercial manufacturers.  Much of the work involved specifying systems, supervising contractors and carrying out acceptance tests on new plant.  In 1987 TCPD was based in Henry Wood House (Portland Place, London) and at Brookmans Park transmitting station (15 miles north of London).  It then became part of "BBC Transmission" at its new headquarters in Warwick.  TCPD was the descendant of the pre-war Station Design and Installation Department, and then the Transmitting Section of Planning and Installation Department.

Blueprints of the London Regional Station (Brookmans Park)

Here is an example of a transmitter supplied by a commercial manufacturer, in association with TCPD: Marconi 25Kw UHF1 TV System (contributed by David Crawford).

The first 1000 TV transmitters.