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David was Head of Strategic Network Development in BBC Technology Direction and his retirement party was hosted by Rhys Lewis, Chief Enterprise Architect, BBC Technology Direction (job titles have come on a bit since the 'old days'! ME). David's many achievements include planning and implementing the "Managed Broadcast Network" which was a massive undertaking that brought BBC communications into a new era.  He was also responsible for the inception and planning for the current "Raman Ring" upgrade which, when concluded in 2007, will provide the huge bandwidth increase needed to bring the BBC's infrastructure fully into the digital media age.

Pictures taken by John Sykes on 10 February 2006 at Television Centre:-
(See below for pictures taken by Cathy Burke.)

Caroline and David Russell.

David and Caroline Russell during presentation by Rhys Lewis.

Robin Caine (just), Graham Clifford (with glass), Fred Lyons, Peter Stevens, Andrew Oliphant, Peter Lickiss, Keith Hayler, Bert Gallon*, Nigel Adams, Graham Keys.

* New-look metric model dubbed Albertus Quinquilitri !

David Russell, Rhys Lewis, Martin Ellen.

Paul Gill (just), Alan McGechan, Roger McCartney, Robin Caine, Fred Lyons, Peter Stevens, Nigel Adams.

Bert Gallon, Nigel Adams, Peter Lickiss, Graham Keys, Caroline Russell, Doug Frostick, David Russell.

Peter Stevens, Keith Hayler, Bert Gallon, Nigel Adams, Peter Lickiss, Graham Keys, Caroline Russell, Doug Frostick, David Russell.

Peter Stevens, Bert Gallon, Nigel Adams, Peter Lickiss, Graham Keys, Caroline Russell, Doug Frostick.

Nick Davies, Roger McCartney, Jamie Royan (partly obscured) Robin Caine, Peter Stevens, Keith Hayler, Andrew Oliphant, Bert Gallon, Peter Lickiss, Graham Keys.

Part of a London to Birmingham cable, presented by Steve Westlake.

Andy Baker, Geoff Whiteman, Brent Vaughan (obscured), Martin Ellen, John Webb (CWUK) ,Steve Sparrow, Graham Wands, Tiffany Hall, Nick Wells.

Stuart Richardson, Les Rottier, Colin Bell, Peter Barlow, Paul Gill, Richard Marsden (in background).

Alan McGechan, Steve Sparrow, Tracy Turner, Caroline Russell (back to camera), Stephen Hope (CWUK).

Jamie Royan, Sam Sambi, Bert Gallon, Gordon Lean.

James Patterson, Mark Unsworth, Peter Gossage.

John Levett (centre).

Les Hands.

Cathy Burke, Mark Bingham (NGG, ex-Energis), Rhys Lewis, Nilesh Parmar, Duncan Whittlen Stuart Richardson, Mike Hate's right ear.

Rhys Lewis addresses the party.

Pictures taken by Cathy Burke on 10 February 2006 at Television Centre:-

David Russell, Les Hands and Colin McKenzie.

Graham Keys.

Robin Caine and Peter Stevens.

Alan MacGechan and Jamie Royan.

Andy Baker and Roger McCartney.

Doug Frostick

Andy Borrows and Tim Hardyman.

Audrann Jupp.

Brent Vaughan.

Carol Owen.

Caroline Russell and Nick Wells.

David Russell and Rhys Lewis.

Dipaque Bhatt and Steve Parke.

Nash Kalirai, Stephen Hope and Steve Pad.

Naran Gorasia and Richard Marsden.

Francis Hill.

Mike Hate.

Rhys Lewis showing an example of David's PowerPoint slides.

Speeches - Steve Westlake.

Tiffancy Hall.

David's speech (is Bert asleeep?).

Steve Parker, Peter Chase, Stephen Manning, Paul Styles and Stuart Richardson.

Steve Westlake, Graham Whiting, Naran Gorasia, Richard Marsden, Carol Owen, Peter Gossage and Graham Clifford.

Apprehension as David's speech starts!

Amusement: Duncan Whittle, Stuart Richardson, Colin McKenzie, Paul Gill, Andy Burrows, Les Rottier and Roger McCartney.

David's speech



Speeches - Nigel Adams.

Nigel hands the trophy to David (who has handed the batten to Nigel already!).

Geoff Whiteman, Martin Ellen, Brent Vaughan, John Sykes, Tif, Steve Sparrow, Nick Wells, Sam Saimbi, Dipaque Bhatt and Nilesh Parmar.

Mark Bingham, Peter Chase, Tim Hardiman, Steve Manning, Duncan Whittle, Paul Styles, Mike Hate, Gordon Lean, Mark Unsworth, Stuart Richardson, Colin McKenzie and Jo Lester.