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List of Reminiscences

Approximately in chronological order

Brookmans Park - Pictures and Memories - Peter Gutteridge

Droitwich Calling - The Story of Droitwich Transmitting Station - John F. Phillips 

Starting with the BBC in 1941 - Reminiscences about Daventry - Don Bowman

Daventry Calling the World - Norman Tomalin

Skelton Transmitting Station 1942 to 1998 - Over half a century of short wave broadcasting - G.P. Lowery

Start Point's special role following D Day - Stuart Frost

Auntie’s 45 Year Love Affair with ET4336

Divis: A film and a video - Norman Marsden

Film of Holme Moss Open Day

Film of Wenvoe Open Day - Norman Marsden

Just Another TA Recruit  -  Gordon Williams

Memories of Ascension - Phil Brooks

More Ascension pictures - David Dunmall and Jeff Cant

Collapse of ITA Emley Moor mast on 19 March 1969 - James F Middlemiss

Ariel Radio Group: staff call book in 1969 - John Denby

"The Immortal Rab" - sent in by Richard Crowley
This an IBA STE's translation of the poems of Robbie Burns published in Wireless World at some time in the 70s.

"Not The Transmitter Group News" - sent in by Richard Crowley
At some time in the 1980s, as an antidote to the management oriented "Transmitter Group News", a certain J.P.(ackman) published a rival, echoing a certain satirical TV programme - "Not The Transmitter Group News" which was an interesting, alternative look at life 'in the sticks'.

Added in October 2021: Ascension Island: The story of when a BBC micro shut down power to an entire Island. - Dave Parsons

Reunion of ex-transmission staff in December 1989, together with serving staff - many of whom had recently moved to the new headquarters building in Warwick, where the event was held.

The Channel Islands ferry tale  -  Keith Hayler

Woofferton Fifty years of transmitting at BBC Woofferton - Jeff Cant. (75 page, 3.7MB PDF file)
Please note that Jeff Cant has many more photos of Woofferton, including about 200 of staff members and lots of operational work and equipment.  He is quite willing to receive queries by e-mail to:
(You will need to re-type this address as it is displayed as an image in order to minimise spam).

Life at Woofferton 1961 - 1995 - Eileen Briggs

Woofferton: Ancient and Modern - Richard Buckby

A visit to Woofferton -  Two articles resulting from a visit arranged and hosted by David Porter:

Wonderful Woofferton - Celebrating 60 years on air in October 2003, this article from Short Wave Magazine (now Radio User) provides a good description and includes many interesting pictures. See also: Diamond Jubilee below.

Diamond Jubilee - This article from Practical Wireless magazine is based on a visit by the editor Rob Mannion together with Kevin Nice the editor of SWM (see above).  The two articles inevitably have much in common, but Diamond Jubilee has more on the history of the station, whereas Wonderful Woofferton has more on the technology.  Permission to reproduce the articles in BBCeng is gratefully acknowledged.

Stormy Weather! - Phil Brooks

Memories of Kranji on Singapore Island -  Richard Buckby

Photographs taken by Martin Briscoe

Pictures of Sandy Heath, Droitwich and Fenton, taken by Stuart Winsor