Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
The British Broadcasting Corporation
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BBC Engineering at War - List of Reminiscences

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The BBC at War Engineering Contributions, by D.P.Leggatt
A broad review of activities.

Wood Norton during the Second World War, by "L.G." Smith
A fascinating story about the creation of one of Europe's largest broadcasting centres.

Group H stations.



Ray Liffen contributed this note: "The 'BBC at war' section mentions disc recording. On my first day with the BBC (20th May 1963) I was placed in Sound Maintenance in the basement of BH Extension. To 'show me the ropes' was Reg Pidsley, a quiet man nearing retirement. He had, as I later learned, played a part in that very special wartime recording when Wynford Vaughn Thomas joined the crew of 'F for Freddie', a Lancaster on a bombing mission to Berlin on September 3rd 1943. Reg was the recording engineer on that mission, recording Wynfords voice and the voices of the crew on acetate discs. Above his maintenance bench was an acetate blank with a gash caused when the Lancaster's bomb was dropped. The aircraft rose suddenly, the stylus dug into the record, and Reg had kept it as a souvenir."