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Technical Instructions - Apparatus in Code Order - post 1960

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Scanned and contributed by Nick Cutmore

The TIs can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below.  The files are in PDF format and it is best to open them with a new tab (right click) so that you can easily return to this page.  See the list of code groups if you wish to check on their meaning.  The filenames are sorted alphabetically not numerically, so it is usually best to find the file you want by using the browser's search facility.  New items added on 10th Feb2019 have the suffix "data".

AC/55, ACU/4, ACU/5, AD/4, AM1/11, AM1/14, AM1/16, AM1/20, AM1/27, AM1/28, AM1/29, AM1/31, AM1/32, AM1/35, AM1/37, AM1/38, AM1/4, AM1/43, AM1/5, AM1/50, AM1/53 data, AM1/58 data, AM1/503 data, AM1/504, AM1/505, AM1/508, AM1/509, AM1/510, AM1/511, AM1/512, AM1/513, AM1/514, AM1/515, AM1/517, AM1/522, AM1/529, AM1/533, AM1/535, AM1/536, AM1/540, AM1/541, AM1/543, AM1/545, AM1/549, AM1/551, AM1/552, AM1/554, AM1/555, AM1/556, AM1/558, AM1/560, AM1/561, AM1/562, AM1/563, AM1/564, AM1/566, AM1/567, AM1/570, AM1/571, AM1/576, AM1/578, AM1/6, AM1/7, AM1/9, AM2/501, AM2/507, AM2/508, AM3/3, AM3/4, AM3/501, AM3/503, AM3/505, AM3/506, AM3/507, AM3/510, AM4/506, AM4/507, AM4/508, AM4/511, AM4/512, AM4/513, AM4/514, AM4/515, AM4/516, AM4/517, AM4/518, AM4/519(1), AM4/519(2), AM4/520(1), AM4/520(2), AM4/521, AM4/522, AM4/6, AM4/8, AM5/11 data, AM5/20, AM5/21, AM5/24 data, AM5/29 data, AM5/31 data, AM5/32 data, AM5/4, AM5/5, AM5/505, AM5/506, AM5/507, AM5/508, AM5/510, AM5/513, AM5/515, AM5/516, AM5/517, AM5/519, AM5/7, AM5/9, AM5/33 data, AM6/1, AM6/11 data, AM6/14, AM6/16 data, AM6/3, AM6/7, AM6/9, AM7/12, AM7/2, AM7/3, AM7/4, AM7/5, AM7/501, AM7/505, AM7/509, AM7/7, AM7/8, AM8/1, AM8/2, AM8/4, AM8/6, AM8/8, AM8/9, AM8/14 data, AM8/15 data, AM8/17 data, AM9/10, AM9/11, AM9/19, AM9/4, AM9/5, AM9/6, AM9/7, AM9/8, AM9/9, AM9/21 data, AM10/9 data, AM10/10 data, AM14/3, AM14/4, AM14/5, AM14/21 data, AM14/513, AM14/514, AM14/520, AM15/7, AM16/1, AM16/6, AM16/7, AM16/8, AM16/9, AM17/502, AM18/502, AM18/503, AM18/504, AM18/506, AM18/507, AM18/508, AM18/509(1), AM18/509(2), AM18/513, AM18/514, AM18/519, AM18/520, AM18/521, AM19/503, AM19/504, AM19/505, AM19/506, AM19/508, AM19/509, AM20/2, AM20/3, AM20/4, AM22/1, AM22/2, AM22/3, AM23/501, AM23/502, AM23/507, AMC/2, AMC/3, AMC/5, AMT/2, ASN/3, ASN/4, AT/19, AT/29, AT2/10, AT3/501, AT3/504, AT3/505, AT3/506, AT3/510, ATM/1,

BA13/10, BA13/11, BA13/12, BA13/5, BA13/501, BA13/513, BA13/9, BA17/1, BG/1, Binder1, BX3/2, BX3/3, BX3/4, C/8, C/9, CA2/2, CA2/3, CA4/4, CD2/501, CD2/503, CD2/504, CD2/505, CD2/508, CD3/501, CD3/504, CD3/505, CD3/515, CMU/10, CMU/6, CMU/7, CMU/9, CO2/503, CO2/506, CO2/507, CO2/508, CO2/510, CO2/516, CO2/517, CO2/521, CO2/522, CO2/523, CO2/524, CO2/527, CO2/528, CO2/529, CO2/537, CO2/542, CO2/543, CO2/545, CO2/6, CO4/502, CO6/501, CU/20, D/10, D/11, D/9, DK1/3, DK1/4, DK1/5, DK4/12, DM1/1, DM1/501, DM1/502, DM1/503, DM2/502, DM2/504, DM2/506, DM2/509, DM3/501, DRD/5, DU/1,

EAT/12, ECA/2, EMT140, EP1/502, EP1/504, EP1/506, EP1/508, EP1/509, EP1/511, EP1/512, EP1/513, EP1/516, EP1/517, EP1/523, EP11/1, EP11/2, EP13/1, EP13/2, EP13/3, EP14/1, EP14/503, EP5/11, EP5/15 data, EP5/18 data, EP5/502, EP5/503, EP5/505, EP5/506, EP6/505, EP7/1, EP7/2, EP7/4, EP7/5, EP7/501, EP7/7, EP7/8, EP8/502, EP9/1, EP16/501, EP16M/501, EQ/203, EQ1/502, EQ1/505, EQ1/509, EQ1/510, EQ1/516, EQ12/501, EQ5/501, EQ5/503, EQ5/509, EQ5/510, EQ5/511, EQ5/513, EQ5/516, EQ5/517, EQ5/519, EQ5/520, EQ5/525, FHP/3, FL1/31, FL1/32, FL1/36, FL1/509, FL1/513, FL1/514, FL2/2a, FL2/4, FL2/532, FL2/536, FL3/10, FL3/11, FL3/12, FL3/13, FL3/14, FL3/507, FL3/8, FL3/9, FL4/14, FL4/15, FL4/23, FL4/24, FL4/25, FL4/26, FL4/27, FL4/28, FL4/29, FL4/33, FL4/39, FL4/47, FL4/48, FL4/511, FL4/512, FL4/520, FL4/556, FL4/557, FL4/558, FL4/559, FL4/566, FL5/1, FL5/2, FL5/501, FL5/502, FL5/503, FL5/504, FL5/505, FL6/1, FL6/10, FL6/5,

GE1/3, GE1/4, GE1/5, GE1/506, GE1/507, GE1/508, GE1/511, GE1/517, GE1/520, GE1/525, GE1/526, GE1/528, GE1/530, GE1/532, GE1/536, GE1/537, GE1/538, GE1/540, GE1/546, GE1/568, GE1/6, GE1/8, GE2/502, GE2/503, GE2/504, GE2/505, GE2/506, GE2/507, GE2/509, GE2/510, GE2/511, GE2/513, GE2/515, GE2/516, GE2/517, GE2/518, GE2/519, GE2/520, GE2/522, GE2/523, GE2/525, GE2/526, GE2/530, GE2/531, GE2/532, GE2/534, GE2/535, GE2/536, GE2/540, GE2/542, GE2/543, GE2/546, GE2/547, GE2/548, GE2/549, GE2/550, GE2/552, GE2/553, GE2/557, GE2/559, GE2/561, GE2/562, GE2/563, GE2/574, GE2/577, GE2/581, GE2/583, GE2/585, GE2/586, GE2/588, GE3/502, GE4/501, GE4/502, GE4/504, GE4/505, GE4/506, GE4/508, GE4/509, GE4/513, GE4/516, GE4/517, GE4/518, GE4/520, GE4/523, GE4/524, GE4/525, GE4/526, GE4/529, GE4/532, GE4/535, GE4/537, GE4/543, GE4/546, GE4/548, GE6/501, GE6/502, GE6/504, GE6/505, GE6/507, GPA/1, GPA/4,

HR/12, HR/14, HR/17, HR/18, HR/7, IN1/501, IN2/501, IN2/502, IN2/504, IN5/3, IN5/501, IN5/502, IN5/503, IN6/502, LIM/2, LIM/5, LIM/6, LS1/1, LS1/2, LS3/1, LS3/3, LS3/7 data, LS5/1, LS5/2, LSM/1, LSM/10, LSM/2, LSM/3, LSM/4, LSM/6, LSM/8, LSM/9, LSU/1, LSU/10, LSU/11, MA2/501, MA2/502, MA2/503, MA2/504, MCT/1, MD1/501, MD1/502, MD1/503, MD1/506, MD1/507, MD2/502, MD2/503, MD2/504, MD2/506, MD2/507, MD3/2, MD3/3, MD3/501, MD3/502, ME1/4, ME1/502, ME1/503, ME1/504, ME1/508, ME1/509, ME2/5 data, ME12/10, ME12/4, ME12/5, ME12/7, ME12/8, ME12/9, ME16/1, MMU/1, MN1/1, MN1/11, MN1/3, MN1/502, MN1/503, MN1/505, MN1/508, MN1/509, MN1/7, MN2/2, MN2/3, MN2/4, MN2/5, MN2/501, MN2/505, MN2/506, MN2/508, MN2/509, MN2/511, MN2/513, MN2/514, MN2/516, MN2/518, MN2/6, MN3/501, MN6/501, MN6/502, MN6/503, MN6/504, MN7/504, MNA/1, MNA/3, MPA/1, MU/16, MU/20, MU/21, MU/29, MU/3, MU/31, MU/50, MU/59, MU/7, MU/8, MX3/3 data, MX3/4 data, MX3/5 data, MX/18, MX/29, MX1/2, MX1/4, MX1/501, MX1/503, MX1/504, MX1/506, MX1/508, MX1/509, MX1/6, MX1/8, MX1/9, MX6/501,

NE1/507, NE1/508, NE1/510, NE1/511, NE1/512, NE1/514, NE1/516, NE1/517, NE1/518, NE1/519, NE1/524, NE1/7, NE3/503, NE4/501, NE4/502, NE4/503, NE4/504, NE4/505, NE4/509, NE4/512, OBA/8, OBA/9, OBT/2, OS/10, OS/9, OS1/1, OS1/502, OS1/507, OS1/508, OS1/513, OS1/516, OS1/519, OS2/11, OS2/12, OS2/13, OS2/14, OS2/15, OS2/17, OS2/18, OS2/20(1), OS2/20(2), OS2/21, OS2/31, OS2/35, OS2/36, OS2/37, OS2/4, OS2/505, OS2/511, OS2/513, OS2/514, OS2/516, OS2/517, OS2/518, OS2/519, OS2/523, OS3/3, OS3/5, OT2/2,

PA1/48, PA1/49, PA1/510, PA1/511, PA1/512, PA1/513, PA1/514, PA1/516, PA1/517, PA1/518, PA1/520, PA1/526, PA1/529, PA1/530, PA1/537, PA1/538, PA1/539, PA1/544, PA1/560, PA1/561, PA1/60, PA2/7, PA6/30, PA6/48, PA6/88 data, PA6/509, PA6/510, PA6/511, PA6/523, PA6/59, PA7/504, PA7/505, PA8/260, PA8/261, PA8/262, PA8/263, PA8/264, PA8/266, PA8/267, PA8/274, PA8/275, PA8/286, PA8/287, PA8/288, PA8/289, PA8/290, PA8/291, PA8/295, PA8/296, PA8/297, PA8/300, PA8/302, PA8/306, PA8/308, PA8/309, PA8/310, PA8/320, PA8/321, PA8/503, PA8/504, PA8/505, PA8/506, PA8/507, PA8/509, PA8/510, PA8/511, PA8/512, PA8/513, PA9/503, PA9/504, PA9/510, PAD/9, PA15/501, PA17/505, PA17/508, PA17/509, PA17/510, PA17/511, PA17/512, PA17/516, PA17/517, PA17/525, PA18/10, PA18/11, PA18/502, PA18/503, PA18/504, PA18/507, PA18/508, PA18/509, PA18/513, PA18/514, PA18/518, PA18/522, PA18/8, PA18/9, PFL/4, PIT/1, PPM/2, PPM/6, PS1/1, PS1/10, PS1/14, PS1/15, PS1/16, PS1/18, PS1/19, PS1/25, PS1/27, PS1/33, PS1/4, PS1/6, PS1/8, PS1/9, PS2/1, PS2/10, PS2/105, PS2/117, PS2/118, PS2/119, PS2/12, PS2/120, PS2/121, PS2/122, PS2/123, PS2/13, PS2/15, PS2/16, PS2/163, PS2/2, PS2/20, PS2/21(1), PS2/21(2), PS2/22(1), PS2/22(2), PS2/25, PS2/33, PS2/36, PS2/37, PS2/39, PS2/45, PS2/48, PS2/49, PS2/5, PS2/50, PS2/504, PS2/505, PS2/57, PS2/6, PS2/67, PS2/68, PS2/72, PS2/74, PS2/75, PS2/80, PS2/81, PS2/82, PS2/83, PS2/86, PS2/9, PS2/90, PS2/91, PS2/92, PS2/93, PS2/94, PS3/21, PS3/24, PS3/27, PS3/31, PS3/32, PS3/34, PS3/35, PS3/37, PS3/4, PS3/7, PS3/8, PTS/10, PTS/12, PTS/13, PTS/15, PTS/16, PUA/5,

RBR/2, RBR/3, RC1/1, RC1/10, RC1/11, RC1/12, RC1/17, RC1/18, RC1/2, RC1/3, RC1/4, RC1/501, RC1/501 (2), RC1/502, RC1/502 (2), RC1/503, RC1/505, RC1/506, RC1/8, RC3/10, RC3/15, RC3/16, RC3/7, RC3/8, RC3/9, RC4/501, RC5/1, RC5/2, RC5/3, RC5/4, RC5/5, RC5/501, RC5/502, RLT/1, RP2/1, RP2/6, RP2/7, RP2/8, RP4/3, SCU, SE2/8 data, SE2/11 data, SE2/15 data, SE2/23 data, SLP/3, SPS/10, SPS/12, SPS/3, SPS/4, SPS/7, SPS/8, SPS/9, SUP/6, TE1/13, TE1/26 data, TE1/502, TE1/504, TE1/508, TE2/1, TI/V1/Television Practice - Picture-Source  Synchronising (mid q opt), TIP/2, TM/1, TPM/3, TS/10, TS/5, TS/7, TS/8, TS/9, TTU/8, TV/17, TV/18, TV/19, TV/20, TV/21, TV/25, TV/A/1, TV/DA/1, TV/EQ/12, TV/EQ/17, TV/EQ/6, TV/EQ/7, TV/EQ/8, TV/EV/1, TV/EV/2, TV/LTP/1, TV/MA/1, TV/PDA/1, TV/PSA/1, TV/PSU/1, TV/REC/3, TV/SA/1, TV/STA/2, TV/TG/1, TV/TG/2, TV/WM/1,

UN1/101, UN1/105, UN1/110, UN1/111, UN1/114, UN1/117, UN1/127, UN1/15, UN1/163, UN1/164, UN1/173, UN1/21, UN1/23, UN1/24, UN1/25, UN1/26, UN1/38, UN1/40, UN1/48, UN1/505, UN1/506, UN1/509, UN1/510, UN1/511, UN1/515, UN1/517, UN1/518, UN1/519(1), UN1/519(2), UN1/521, UN1/522, UN1/523, UN1/525, UN1/527, UN1/531, UN1/534, UN1/535(1), UN1/535(2), UN1/537, UN1/540, UN1/541, UN1/542, UN1/546, UN1/549, UN1/556, UN1/558, UN1/560, UN1/561, UN1/562, UN1/563, UN1/564, UN1/565, UN1/567, UN1/569, UN1/57, UN1/570, UN1/572, UN1/576, UN1/577, UN1/578, UN1/579, UN1/58, UN1/584, UN1/585, UN1/589, UN1/59, UN1/601, UN1/603, UN1/605, UN1/608, UN1/61, UN1/614, UN1/616, UN1/624, UN1/639, UN1/640, UN1/642, UN1/67, UN1/72, UN1/78, UN1/88, UN1/89, UN1/98, UN1/99, UN2/501, UN2/503, UN2/504, UN2/505, UN2/506, UN3/12, UN3/13, UN3/16, UN3/17, UN3/23, UN3/24, UN3/27, UN3/28, UN3/503, UN3/508, UN3/511, UN3/519, UN3/521, UN3/525, UN4/4, UN4/501, UN4/502, UN4/503, UN8/14, UN9/35, UN9/501, UN9/502, UN9/509, UN9/510, UN9/511, UN9/512, UN9/514, UN9/515, UN9/516, UN9/519, UN9/521, UN9/524, UN9/525, UN9/526, UN9/528(1), UN9/528(2), UN9/532, UN9/534, UN9/535, UN9/542, UN9/543, UN9/544, UN9/545, UN9/546, UN9/553, UN9/557, UN9/558, UN9/559, UN9/560, UN9/563, UN9/571, UN9/576, UN9/577, UN9/7,

UN10/11, UN10/12, UN10/13, UN10/3, UN10/7, UN11/14 data, UN13/501, UN13/502, UN13/503, UN13/504, UN14/4, UN14/502, UN14/504, UN14/505, UN14/506, UN14/507, UN14/511, UN14/515, UN14/7, UN14/8, UN15/501, UN15/503, UN15/504, UN16/502, UN16/510, UN16/514, UN16/515, UN16/517, UN16/518, UN16/523, UN17/501, UN17/502, UN17/503, UN17/504, UN17/505, UN17/506, UN17/507, UN17/508, UN17/509, UN17/514, UN17/515, UN17/516, UN17/517, UN17/518, UN17/522, UN17/523, UN17/524, UN18/503, UN18/504, UN18/505, UN19/502, UN19/503, UN20/14, UN20/17, UN20/18, UN20/2, UN20/22, UN20/5, UN20/501, UN20/503, UN20/504, UN20/505, UN20/506, UN20/507, UN20/508, UN20/510, UN20/511, UN20/513, UN20/514, UN20/516, UN20/518, UN20/519, UN20/520, UN20/524, UN20/525, UN20/527, UN20/532, UN20/537, UN21/511, UN22/1, UN23/113 data, UN23/140 data, UN23/510, UN23/511, UN23/521, UN23/523, UN23/524, UN23/525, UN23/526, UN23/527, UN23/528, UN23/529, UN23/530, UN23/531, UN23/533, UN23/534, UN23/535, VT/4, VT/5, ,

Notes from Nick Cutmore

The scans are taken from paperwork "rescued" from Designs Department in 1981 when the Apparatus In Code Order binders ceased to be serviced by Technical publications and were disposed of.

Where a TI includes details for more than one item (for example TS/5, TS/7 and TS/8), I've saved the same file three times with a different name (once for each of the entries). Possibly a waste of disc space, but it makes finding things easier. It does mean that, in some cases, simply glancing at the PDF contents may make you think you've got the wrong file, but (if I've done it correctly) reading on will reveal all. No entry for a code in the list means I have no information.

Sub group ancillary letters have been deleted, e.g. EP14M/ is shown as EP14/ (The letters were M=Modular, L=Loose, P=Portable, S=Customisable by software).

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