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Page updated on 28th February 2017


This is a private web site run by Martin Ellen and it is independent from any organisation.

In November 2015, after ten years of development, copies of the web site were sent to BBC Archives and the BBC Pensioners' Association, in the hope that the contents will be retained indefinitely for reference. In response James Codd, Senior Media Manager at the BBC Written Archives Centre said "We will store the files in our electronic document management system where they can be used as a research resource if someone is looking at the technical history of the BBC".  Also, Nicholas Whines the BBCPA Membership Secretary responded positively regarding future arrangements. This help is much appreciated.


The aim is to record the working atmosphere and the many achievements of BBC engineering between 1922 and 1997.  The web site focuses on BBC Engineering Division, but it includes references to engineering activities throughout the BBC as well as relevant external organisations.  Other material is also included if it is likely to appeal to people who have an interest in the core subject.

Future Plans

The web site will remain in operation for the foreseeable future and arrangements are in place with several ex-colleagues to ensure that this will be possible if the present webmaster ceases to be involved.


Target audience

  1. Those who took part between 1922! and 1997, as well as their colleagues in associated organisations and their relatives.

  2. People presently employed in the field of broadcast engineering.

  3. Broadcast technology enthusiasts and historians, including museum curators. 


Contributions are welcome from anyone with a knowledge of BBC engineering or related activities. (Click here to contact)


Contribution requirements

Informative, interesting or amusing articles related to BBC engineering, preferably including some "human interest".


Contribution format

Contributions should preferably be in .PDF format and ready for direct uploading to the web server without the need for any editing.  This means that text and pictures should be suitably formatted by the contributor and the wording should be suitable for publication, based on the web site's Publication Policy.



The web site was started in January 2006 and incorporates two previous web sites which closed in 2006:

  • was started on 10 October 2003 to advertise and sell the book On Air and it developed to include further information and reminiscences about BBC Transmission.

  • was started on 26 October 2004 to record some of the achievements of BBC Designs Department and recall the working atmosphere.

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