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Designs Department - The Sections

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Designs Department was organised into sections that specialised in specific aspects of broadcasting.  Inevitably the structure changed between 1947 and 1987, but the menu shows the general distribution of activities.

The Sections were numbered.  There were some changes, but for much of the time they were as follows:-

Section 1: Special Studies

Section 2: Monitoring and Control

Section 3: Sound

Section 4: Services

Section 5: Radio Frequency

Section 6: Transmission

Section 7: Recording

Section 8: Television

Section 9: Measurements


Please note:

The text shown under section headings is presently taken from one document dated 14 March 1973, written by Dennis Haines.  This account of Designs Department's first 25 years gives some insight, but it is by no means complete.  In due course it might be updated, but in the meantime please see Reminiscences for further information.