Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
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Articles describing some of Design Department's products

  1. BBC1 - A Bright New World
    Development of equipment which produced the "rotating world" for BBC1 in 1985.
  2. The RF Test Set
    Pictures, publications and a few reminiscences relating to this very complex design.
  3. The birth of digital transmission and distribution
    with emphasis on the BBC's 68PAL project.
  4. A Technical Overview of the 68PAL Equipment
    Following on from
    The birth of digital transmission and distribution, this article describes a complex BBC design that enabled both BT and the BBC to assess the technical and operational problems of using digital bearer circuits for broadcast services. This article can also be viewed in Word format by clicking here.

  5. Polytetrafluorethylene Plastic Bearings (299KB pdf file)
    This is probably the earliest surviving Designs Department Report - No. 1.4.49 (1949/11)
    The report was approved by Esther Rantzen's dad, Harry Rantzen, the first Head of BBC Designs Department!

  6.  Design Of WB RF Transformers.pdf

  7. Designs Reference Data 21, 25 and 26
    A representative sample of technical information produced by DD engineers for other DD engineers.

  8. NET9816 - Description of an electronic circuit analysis program.