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Engineering Training Department trained all of the BBC's engineers and technical operators.  Residential courses covered the theory and practice of studio, communications and transmitter engineering.  The high standard of training helped to develop BBC Engineering's good reputation. 

The staff of BBC Engineering Training in front of Wood Norton Hall, near Evesham, Worcestershire.  Training took place in the Hall and in several buildings around the estate.

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Guides to the Engineering Training Centre: 1981, 1986 and New in Jun 2020: 1995.


Training course photographs, information and exams:

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Information Sheets:

This link leads to a large number of Information Sheets (Link also in menu above)

Training books and manuals:

BBC Engineering Training Manual 1942

Sound And Television Broadcasting - General Principles 1961

Motion Picture & TV Film - Image Control & Processing Techniques

Colorimitry And The Basic Colour TV System

Colour TV Systems - Supplemenary information

D.C. Transients


Television Fundamentals

Television Principles Vol. 1 - TV Fundamentals (Practicals)

Television Principles Vol. 3 - TV Signal Coding

Television Principles Vol. 3 - TV Signal Coding (Practicals)

Television Signal Coding

Television Signal Coding (Practicals)

TV Signal Coding - Supplemenary information

Training Supplements:

No. 1 - Some Transmitter Problems.pdf

No. 2 - Fundamentals Of Television & Glossary Of Terms.pdf

No. 3 - Harmonic Distortion And Negative Feedback In Audio-Frequency Amplifiers (2nd Issue).pdf

No. 3 - Harmonic Distortion And Negative Feedback In Modern Amplifiers (1st Issue).pdf

No. 4 - Some Fundamental Problems In Radio Engineering.pdf

No. 5 - An Introduction To Slot Aerials.pdf (1950)

No. 5 - An introduction to Wideband Aerials (1963) New in June 2020

No. 6 - Programme Meters.pdf

No. 7 - Basic Principles Of Television Lighting.pdf

No. 8 - Microwave Valves.pdf

No. 9 - Frequency Modulation.pdf

No. 10 - Long-Wave And Medium-Wave Propogation.pdf

No. 11 - Lighting For Television Outside Broadcasts.pdf

No. 12 - Transistors.pdf

No. 14 - Colorimetry.pdf

Other training material

BBC Safety Regulations 8th ed. 1970.pdf

Digital Audio - Audio Operations training booklet 1990

Microprocessors - A Self Paced Package 1988

The Operation and Maintenance of Klystrons in U.H.F. Television Transmitters (T.C.P.D. document) 1978 New in June 2020