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2003 (Contributed by Andy Woodhouse)

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As it was taken in 2003, this picture does not conform with the publication policy for this web site (1922-1997), but it is such a good and relevant picture that I decided to use it.  If its publication causes any problems then please let me know.

Back Row: Chris Savage, Richard Lewis, Peter Davis, Andrew Vale, Simon Pilbeam, Alan Tutton, Nigel Woodcock, Dave Spence, Neil Garner, Mark Hennessy, Michael Hunter, Paul Hegnehan, Andy Woodhouse, Peter Harris, Richard Penman.

Centre Row: Michelle Baylis, Dave Pitt, Melodie Turner, Michael Childs, Sue Owens, Mehvish Shah, Gary Marks, Carol Oldfield, Steve Jones, Tim Wallbank, Chris Hall, Tom Mitchell, Kevin Doig, Ed Calverly, Kit Wareham-Norfolk, Will Clark, Colin Edwards, Clare Reynolds, Gerry Langford, Emma Richardson, Rosi Comber, Helen Minett.

Front Row:  Ian Rogers, Helen Keyte, Wendy Blatchford, Monica Bushell, Sally Keane, Martin Paskin, Charles Osbourne, Malcolm Nelson, Simon Shute, Peter French, Mike Dhonau, Andy Jones, Marie Bartlett,  _  , Brenda Partridge, Margaret Barnes, David Wozencroft.

1993 (Contributed by Andy Woodhouse)

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Back Row: Rex Ford, Tony Larkham, Steve Westlake, Peter Harris, Kevern Oliver, Roger Wyatt, Derek Arnold, Malcolm Nelson, Jill Diver, Neal Garner, Conner McBrierty, Howard Brooksbank.

Centre Row Rear:  Linda Evans, Richard Penman, Monica Bushell, Ray Varley, Bob Carr, Andy Woodhouse, Peter Lacy, Paul Hegnehan, Gerry Langford, Dave McClure, Ed Capes, Ralph Bowsfield.

Centre Row Front:  Ted Atton, Simon Pilbeam, Stu Allerton, John Scotland, Roger Kendall, Kit Norfolk, Lloyd Silverthorne, Ian Wheyms, Peter Gutteridge, Nigel Cook, Dick Martin, Ian Pennyfold, Colin Edwards, Ant Thrasher, Anneka Beavis, Brenda Partridge, Maureen Martin.

Front Row:  Patsy Frankish, Alan Tutton, Hugh Robjohns, Chris Sleight, Tom Mitchell, Chris Hall, Neal Cartwright, Susan Hillman, Mike Dhonau, John Kelley, Andy Jones, Cyril Thompson, John Irvine, Colin Pierpoint.

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