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Droitwich antenna and building

By Tony Smith

These photographs of Droitwich were taken in November 1978 when we were installing new electrical cables and red warning lamps onto one of the masts.

The Droitwich Antenna. This is the hottest thing around for miles and even wound down to a candle's output could still give you a nasty burn anywhere on the mast. In fact Droitwich was a wake up call for me because before joining the BBC I had been an overhead power Linesman. I had ended up working in a `Live Line `Hot stick team and had been through several weeks of training with some very expensive tools to prevent any of us getting anywhere near the 11kv that we worked on. The second job that I had after joining T.C.P.D. was at Droitwich where some of the lads were installing some new open wire feeders across to the temporary mast. It was sheer hell with regular zaps from all over the place and from the most unexpected places. The same happened during the cable installations up the mast with the RF trying to puncture the PVC outers Etc.

How the Station used to look back then.

Anyone who ever worked at BBC Warwick HQ will recognise this `Head' pushing himself back up out of another hole he had got himself into. (Nigel Turner)

The view out over Wychbold and the motorway.

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