Recollections of BBC engineering from 1922 to 1997
The British Broadcasting Corporation
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Technical Instructions - pre 1960

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Scanned and contributed by Brian Proffitt

The TIs can be viewed by using the links in column H of this spreadsheet.  Alternatively, use the links lower down on this page.

As the files are large you should consider saving the ones you want on your own computer (7% of them are over 10MB, the largest is 80 MB and the average is about 3MB.  Individual sizes are given on the spreadsheet).


In addition, these TIs are available (scanned by Martin Ellen):-

T2 Quartz Oscillators, BBC Crystal-drive Equipments and four drawings (1951-64)


T4 BBC Variable-frequency Drive Equipment and five Schematic drawings (1955)

TT.5 Medium-Wave Impedance-Matching Networks, Rejectors and Acceptors (1944).



Links to Pre-1960 Technical Instructions

Cover Contents and Index.pdf


Division 1_General Instructions_Contents.pdf

Division 1_Item 1.1 The Broadcast Chain.pdf

Drawing: The Broadcasting Chain 1939 (Thanks to David Bradshaw for contributing this diagram, which is missing from the above file.)


Division 1_Item 1.2 Transmission Quantities.pdf

Division 1_Item 1.3 Control Telephone System.pdf

Division 1_Item 1.4 Standard Symbols.pdf


Division 2_Microphones_Contents.pdf

Division 2_Item 2.2 Moving Coil Microphones_ ST&C type.pdf

Division 2_Item 2.6 Ribbon Microphone_ Part 1Technical Description.pdf

Division 2_Item 2.6 Ribbon Microphone_ Part 2 Balance Techniques.pdf


Division 3_LF Amplifiers_Contents.pdf

A_4A Amplifier.pdf

A_4B Amplifier.pdf

A_5 Amplifier.pdf

A_5A Amplifier.pdf

A_8 and A_8A Amplifier.pdf

A_9 Amplifier.pdf

A_10 Amplifier.pdf

B_4A Amplifier.pdf

B_8 Amplifier.pdf

B_10 Amplifier.pdf

B_11 Amplifier.pdf

B_12 Amplifier.pdf

BRC_2 Amplifier.pdf

BRP_2 Amplifier.pdf

C_2 Amplifier.pdf

C_3 Amplifier.pdf

CCT_1 Amplifier.pdf

CCT_2 Amplifier.pdf

CPL_1 Amplifier.pdf

CPL_2 Amplifier.pdf

D_4 Amplifier.pdf

D_5 Amplifier.pdf

D_6 Amplifier.pdf

D_7 Amplifier.pdf

D_8 Amplifier.pdf

DR_1 Amplifier.pdf

DR_3 Amplifier.pdf

DRP_1 Amplifier.pdf

DRP_3 Amplifier.pdf

DCA_3 Amplifier.pdf

DCA_4 Amplifier.pdf

DCA_5 Amplifier.pdf

ECA_2 Amplifier.pdf

LCT_1 Amplifier.pdf

LCT_2 Amplifier.pdf

LFT_2 Amplifier.pdf

LFT_3 Amplifier.pdf

LSA_4 Amplifier.pdf

LSM_1 Amplifier.pdf

LSM_2 Amplifier.pdf

LSM_3 Amplifier.pdf

LST_1 Amplifier.pdf

LST_2 Amplifier.pdf

LSX_1 and LSX_2  Amplifiers.pdf

PFL_3  Amplifier.pdf

PFL_4  Amplifier.pdf

PFL_5  Amplifier.pdf

RS_1  Amplifier.pdf

SPA_1  Amplifier.pdf

TV_2  Amplifier.pdf

TV_4  Amplifier.pdf

TV_5  Amplifier.pdf

TV_8  Amplifier.pdf

TV_10  Amplifier.pdf

TV_12  Amplifier.pdf

TV_13  Amplifier.pdf

TV_14  Amplifier.pdf


Division 4_Programme Meter Amplifiers_Contents.pdf

LVM_2 Line Volume Meter.pdf


HR_4 Check Receiver.pdf


Marconi-Stille Tape Recording and Reproducing Machine.pdf


Watts Disc Recording Machine.pdf


Mobile Recording Units T29 and T30.pdf


OB Equipment.pdf


Division 9_Testing Apparatus_Contents.pdf

AT_2 Variable Attenuator.pdf

OA_1 Amplifier.pdf

OS_2 Oscillator.pdf

OS_3 Oscillator.pdf

TC_1 and TC_1A Termocouple Panels.pdf

TC_2 Termocouple Panel.pdf

BG_1 Wheatstone Bridge.pdf

TP_2 DC Test And Telephone Panel.pdf

TM_1 Transmission Measureing Set.pdf

TS_2 Tone Source.pdf

TS_4 Tone Source.pdf

TS_5 Tone Source.pdf


Schedule of Small Valves.pdf

VT_2 Valve Test Panel.pdf

VT_4 Valve Test Panel.pdf


Provincial Studio and Control Equipment_Contents.pdf

PS&CE_Part 1 General Arrangement.pdf

PS&CE_Part 2 Studio Wiring.pdf

PS&CE_Part 3 Programme Switching Monitoring and Signalling Circuits.pdf

PS&CE_Part 4A Six Channel Dramatic Control Unit DC_4.pdf

PS&CE_Part 4B Twelve Channel Dramatic Control Unit DC_7.pdf

PS&CE_Part 5 Telephone and Testing Apparatus.pdf

PS&CE_Part 6 Power Supply Circuits.pdf

BH LO_Part 6_Dramatic Control Units.pdf


Volume 2_ Contents.pdf


Regional Transmitting Stations.pdf


Droitwich Transmitting Station.pdf


MW Transmitter_Choke Modulated at Low Power.pdf


Crystal Drive Equip for MW Transmitters.pdf


TT2_ CP17E Crystal Drive Equipment.pdf


TT6_Transmitter Standard Programme Equipment.pdf




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